Total Control (Advanced) Rider Course

A course for experienced riders

Learn the risk managment and advance rider skills you need to get you out of risky situations

Motorcycling is a love and a passion we all share. In order to ride safely, this passion requires advanced skills and continued practice to keep it safe and enjoyable. You may have been riding for 20 days or 20 years. You may have ridden a lot in the past but not ridden at all for many years. No matter where you are on the learning curve of motorcycling, we can take you higher. If you think you have already reached the top, think again. Even world champions at the pinnacle of their career talk about how much they are still learning.

Total Control Rider Course

This is not a pass or fail course. You simply come out and take as much away from the course as you can. If you end up successfully completing all the exercises in this course; there's no doubt about it, you can certainly ride that bike.

You'll learn:

  • Risk Managment
  • Tight Turning
  • 90 degree pull out within 6'
  • 140 degree pull out within 6'
  • Offset Cone Weave
  • Brake and Escape
  • 180 Decel

Basic Rider Course

If you want to get into motorcycling, and get your motorcycle license, this is the course for you. Our Basic Rider Course is Government Approved under the Graduated Driver's Licensing program for the Province of Newfoundland, is recognized by insurance companies, and is designed for the complete novice. We assume there is no prior knowledge.

Total Control (Advanced) Rider Course

If you have your license, and at least a year riding experience, or approximately 5,000 km, and you really want to learn to ride that bike like a Pro; this is the course for you. In the Advanced course you learn collision avoidance and maneuverability skills as well as risk management techniques to ensure you have the ability to get out of risky situations.