Basic Rider Course

Your Government-Approved Learn to Ride Solution

We assume you have no prior knowledge

We do not assume you have any prior motorcycle experience, or skill, in our Basic Course. It's designed for the complete novice.

You will be instucted in the following:

  • Braking and Balancing
  • Starting the Engine
  • Using the clutch and throttle
  • Slow Speed Control
  • Changing Gear
  • Higher Speed Manouvres
  • Traffic Manouvres
  • Emergency Braking
  • Emergency Swerves

For the Absolute Novice/Beginner

Our rider training consists of one evening of theory, and two days of On-Bike Training. We'll talk about what to wear, some street strategies, and watch some informative videos. We cover all the skills required to get you riding on the road, with another experienced rider. On the bike, you'll learn all the basic motorcycle skills to get you riding, and building your own experience.

The entire course is one evening (three 3 hours), and two full days (8 hours each day including breaks). Other motorcycle schools have as many as 16 to 24 students on one course lasting two days. For the most part, you'll spend the majority of the time sitting on the bike waiting for a turn in an exercise. Think about it; if there are 24 students learning something, and you have a turn at an exercise, you would have to wait for 23 other students to have a try before you get another try.

Avalon Motorsports Inc. have smaller numbers (maximum 8 students per day); it's just easier that way. Given the small class size, if there are areas of difficulty, we have the flexibility to put in some extra effort into these subjects or with those students who require extra.

Basic Rider Course

If you want to get into motorcycling, and get your motorcycle license, this is the course for you. Our Basic Rider Course is Government Approved under the Graduated Driver's Licensing program for the Province of Newfoundland, is recognized by insurance companies, and is designed for the complete novice. We assume there is no prior knowledge.

Total Control (Advanced) Rider Course

If you have your license, and at least a year riding experience, or approximately 5,000 km, and you really want to learn to ride that bike like a Pro; this is the course for you. In the Advanced course you learn collision avoidance and maneuverability skills as well as risk management techniques to ensure you have the ability to get out of risky situations.