Helping you keep the rubber side down, and shiny side up for 15 years

Remember, for every mile of road there are two miles of ditches.

Smallest Class Sizes

When learning something new, smaller class sizes are better. Our maximum class size is 8 students. Not as many as 24 like those other guys.

Real Experience

Our instructors have been riding for decades. Our founder has 19 years as an instructor; and has been riding some form of motorized bike (dirt bike or street bike) for 42 years.

Road Tests With Us

Once the student is eligible for the road test; we can perform your road tests during a evenings or on the weekends, saving you time off work and trip to MRD

Two Rider Course Offerings

Your initial training, and continuous rider improvment

Basic Rider Course

If you want to get into motorcycling, and get your motorcycle license, this is the course for you. Our Basic Rider Course is Government Approved under the Graduated Driver's Licensing program for the Province of Newfoundland, is recognized by insurance companies, and is designed for the complete novice. We assume there is no prior knowledge.

Total Control (Advanced) Rider Course

If you have your license, and at least a year riding experience, or approximately 5,000 km, and you really want to learn to ride that bike like a Pro; this is the course for you. In the Advanced course you learn collision avoidance and maneuverability skills as well as risk management techniques to ensure you have the ability to get out of risky situations.

About Avalon Motorsports

Darrell has had an interest in teaching new riders how to ride a motorcycle for many years now. In 2001 Darrell took up Motorcycle Instruction with the Newfoundland Safety Council; and taught with them up until 2003.In 2004, Darrell created Avalon Motorsports, developed the course curriculum, and received Government Approval under the Graduated Driver's Licensing program. It's been real fun teaching novice riders how to ride ever since. In 2015, Avalon Motorsports was Granted Licensing Authority in the province, and now we have the ability to perform the final road test in traffic to determine if the student receives a motorcycle license, or to see if they perhaps need a little more seat time before they attempt it. We look forward to seeing you on the course.

You are one with the bike

The act of riding isn't that much more dangerous than other forms of transportation, however, if you aren't paying attention, or are distracted, or you aren't properly trained on how to ride and in defensive riding techniques, motorcycling is incredibly unforgiving, and accidents usually are quite severe compared to other vehicles.

Why Choose Avalon Motorsports?

  • Smallest Classes
  • Best Prices
  • Affiliate Program
  • We're more fun!